Community Culture

FK Alexander’s performance is honest, selfless and empowering.


While neither piece was quite as humorous as one would expect, both were impactful displays by student musicians as they learn to play comedic music. This brought both pieces to moments of pure beauty along with occasional moments of confusion.


“This play is written for white people and they will be the audience,” Rankine said. “I can’t show the worst of them.”

I think I had the right idea about art and life when I was three.

West suggests that we engage with texts on a new level in efforts to understand how literature transforms, as well as understand how it is living among our current society.

It is rare that I leave a presentation of art — be it a work of theater, a museum or a concert — and find myself at a loss for words. I am usually quick to reflect on and dissect what I see, able to articulate the emotions and feelings and questions that are provoked by my immersed experience.

With a mix of singing, dancing and performing, all of us were emotionally captivated and taken on a journey of what it means to be Black — or any minority — in today’s society.

By giving each department a little time to shine, SMTD’s annual Collage Concert provides audiences with a little sample of all the magic going on within the school.

About a year ago, I came across the expression “everything is temporary.”

The concert is bound to inspire audience members of all backgrounds.