Community Culture

Even this slightly more complicated view of Hamilton may not be entirely accurate; with some further research one can learn of Hamilton’s anti-democratic, almost authoritarian tendencies.

The orchestra responded brilliantly to Järvi’s every move — the crescendos and decrescendos reaching incredibly expressive levels of subtlety.

The food culture of Ann Arbor is just one of the small ways in which the current culture misrepresents the Latin culture.


What the piece never does, however, is blatantly mention anything political. It is not meant to divide, or preach or convince. It is meant to spread empathy and to subtly implore the importance of understanding people.

It’s always nice to see the growth of writers, and pairing Bennett with Hirshfield showed how far an author can progress with their initial passion for writing.

Chastity Brown at Folk Fest

Every set was musically compelling and honest, and a few artists managed to touch on the current state of affairs in a way that felt refreshing and candid.

Yamagata strives to create a concert dedicated to introspection.

In saying farewell to this stranger that I may not meet again, to this band I may not see again, I took away with me invigorated optimism for the power of art to connect people — strangers and friends alike.


Kahn dispels common assumptions around veganism, such as suspicion around nutrition, executability and accessibility, and forms his argument in an unbiased, fact-based way.

The War and Treaty at Folk Fest

Headlined by the legendary folk songwriter John Prine, the show was a masterful set of acts that varied in influence and genre, but all had one thing in common — a whole lotta soul.