Community Culture


MUSIC Matters’ SpringFest will be hosting headliners 2 Chainz, Lil Yachty and Desiigner at the Crisler Center for the organization’s largest-planned concert to date.

Snelling created her work, "One Thousand Shacks," by “saving old boxes, food boxes, tin foil and a lot of plastic,” which plays on a critical theme of the work: making do with what you have.

We will not always have this spark at the beginning.

Perfection is strived toward and worked for, but it doesn’t actually exist. If it did, the art of risk-taking would disappear.


The inspiration behind the project stems from Young’s own personal traumatic experiences with the death of his daughter and two cousins in a fire.

Whether it is college, or wherever you go beyond this place, make sure you are aware of how you are investing in your relationships.

Techno music, celebrity culture and a sheep: David Adjmi’s wildly extravagant and superbly funny play, “Marie Antoinette,” combines these elements and others to create an eccentric telling of the French Queen’s reign.


Snarky Puppy is set to share their passion with Ann Arbor this Thursday, March 16.

Casey Affleck won an Oscar, so as per usual when a rich guy in Hollywood with serious sexual allegations against him wins something, everyone is revisiting the “can you separate the art fr

“You don’t have to be Korean-American to be broke in this country and living beyond your means to read my book."