Community Culture

Bell and Haywood’s playing was impeccable, each phrase flowing seamlessly into the next.


Whatever Kenneth MacMillan’s rendition of “Romeo and Juliet” lacked in dialogue, it made up for in raw, heartbreaking emotion.

The play is set in modern times, and its parallels to the relationship between North Korea and America are incredibly important.


The reaction of Gyasi’s readers to go in search of their own heritage speaks to the profound power of ancestry portrayed in the novel.


Unceasingly captivating, the students of the University’s Department of Dance delivered a performance of innovation and beauty, adding their own mark to the modern dance world.

Even this slightly more complicated view of Hamilton may not be entirely accurate; with some further research one can learn of Hamilton’s anti-democratic, almost authoritarian tendencies.

The orchestra responded brilliantly to Järvi’s every move — the crescendos and decrescendos reaching incredibly expressive levels of subtlety.

The food culture of Ann Arbor is just one of the small ways in which the current culture misrepresents the Latin culture.


What the piece never does, however, is blatantly mention anything political. It is not meant to divide, or preach or convince. It is meant to spread empathy and to subtly implore the importance of understanding people.

It’s always nice to see the growth of writers, and pairing Bennett with Hirshfield showed how far an author can progress with their initial passion for writing.