Community Culture


Many semantic shifts around historical figures and pieces of art also inevitably taint their modern interpretation. We can never know the full extent to which we interpret art differently than its creator intended us to.


Incorporating both outward humor through gesture and occasional dialogue and an innate conversation that questioned human identity, there were many ways that individuals could have experienced the performance.

"In the Heights"

While the story may take place in a Latinx community, it is, at its core, about the basic struggle of human emotion.

Community Culture notebook

Now more than ever, the frames of reference in which nudity is presented can be the most important factor in determining its categorization as either art or pornography.

The tired artist

But to me, her words sound too exhausted, too weighed down to be meant for attracting attention. Walker is actually trying to tell us something, and she’s made it pretty clear.

"Boys, Boys, Boys!" Cabaret

The lack of representation for this community is not a new conversation within the world of theatre, and this age-old trend sparked a desire in the young men of the University’s department to work to make a change.

An artist tries to teach

Art can be an incredibly personal experience, and teaching isn’t always the best way to produce a love for the arts in others.


Join Emily Bice and Natalie Zak as they examine the changes taking place in entertainment and the arts by diving into the historical and cultural roots of power and coercion.

With “The Price is Right” live tour, those who generally watch the show alone are able to break free from the screen and find themselves sitting next to, laughing with and relating to complete strangers.

This is the modern legacy of the avant-garde music: the desertion of artistic customs that had developed over generations, the constant need for radical innovation and separation from historical precedent.