Community Culture

Male gymnastics at the Olympics

The atmosphere of the meet reminded me more of a performance than a competition.

Keats and Kendrick

Why should the work of hip-hop artists be treated as anything less than poetry?

Nederlands Dans Theater

The abstract nature of the pieces gives freedom for narrative interpretation.

Art by Michigan Prisoners

Instead, I must look at this art as a reminder that these incarcerated adults are people too, who have creativity, emotions and passions. And while it may be difficult for me to view, their art deserves the chance to be shared.

"The Marriage of Figaro"

“The women are not only constantly standing up to those with power, but are working together to improve upon it.”

Ben Balmer

Regardless, it’s nights like this one where I was thankful to have a sweet guest with me –– one who saw the importance of two people being entertained for the sake of art, for the sake of a human connection.


In the second episode of Things Men Ruined, Natalie and Emily take a look at the history of Hollywood's casting couch


Each second was just as soul-baring as the one that came before it, with honest, poetic lyrics that made it feel as though we were almost having a conversation with Slim, rather than simply being entertained by him.

Elias String Quartet

The four members played and moved together as one instrument, sharing aesthetics that led to a clear, seamless expression of the music’s intent.

Yoni Ki Baat

And while each woman carried her own sense of poise, confidence and individuality, I couldn’t help but notice a threading theme that connected these different voices: Being the best version of yourself.