Community Culture

'Romeo and Juliet'

The same way the Super Bowl will always garner critics, ballet will never resonate with everyone.

Natalie Kastner

This past Thursday, the University of Michigan’s Museum of Art and the Zell Visiting Writers Series hosted author Wayetu Moore to discuss her debut novel, “She Would Be King.” She started off the evening by discussing her dedication for the book.


When I had the opportunity to see “Wicked” on Broadway again this summer, I didn’t expect the piece to strike me differently than my previous viewings.

Alix Curnow

Featuring more than one hundred objects spanning from ancient to contemporary times, the work curated at the UMMA allowed me to reflect on the creativity that lies within copying.

Zachary M.S. Waarala

As the screen faded to black, the orchestra began the piece of music that accompanies the rolling credits, but no one in the audience got up to leave.

Snarky Puppy

Objectively, the band sounded great. However, as much as I did appreciate the group trying to do something new with their new songs on this tour, I really wish they would have leaned a little further into it.

Sammy Sussman

It’s something that I’ve never experienced before and I’ll probably never experience again: a town filled with 44,000 people just like me, with 44,000 people around my age, all of whom live in the same town for the same reason.

The Big House

It always impresses me how creative people get with their game day outfits. Personally, I try to be as glam as humanly possible. I wear costume diamond drop earrings with a bright yellow 20 dollar fur coat.

Ben Vassar

As homecoming and reassimilation comes to a close in Ann Arbor, where does it leave you?

Eli Rallo

This campus has broken my heart twice, it has afforded me the ability to travel to South Africa to study theatre, it has broken me and mended me.