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I love your mom’s lumpy mashed potatoes and half warm microwaved day old Crisco fried chicken.

Visitors walk through the Ann Arbor Art Fair in downtown Ann Arbor Thursday.

The Annual Ann Arbor Art Fair took place last Thursday through Sunday, bringing artists, vendors, shoppers and spectators who lined the blocks of South University, North University, Main, Liberty and State.

Josh Groban and Sarah Bareilles

Theatre, live theatre — from dusty black box spaces in church basements in a quiet New Jersey suburb to the bright, shimmering, elusive lights of Broadway — is victory. This is what I think about as I watched the 72nd annual Tony awards on Jun. 10, on Missouri cable on my small, St.

Bo Burnham

I lingered in the Michigan Theater’s main auditorium last Thursday after the screening of Bo Burnham’s directorial debut, “Eighth Grade.” A crowd of teenagers, young adults and retirees had just finished giving Burnham a standing ovation after his short Q&A and were now streaming out the back

Christopher Cerrone

Art never really exists in a vacuum. It may not always be obvious, but each artistic creation fits somewhere in the constellation of human experience, drawn from and given meaning by the array of stars surrounding it.

Charly Bliss at The Loving Touch

On May 18, Charly Bliss brought their brand of snarky, sugar-rush indie rock to Ferndale’s The Loving Touch.


When I entered UMMA last Saturday, the first thing I noticed was the sound of a violin. I followed the music and wandered around until I found a violinist playing in the corner of the Apse.


It’s difficult to describe Danilo Brito's expression when he plays. His face seems to go through subtle emotional shifts as the music progresses: One moment nostalgic, the next joyful, the Brazilian mandolinist slips between different states almost imperceptibly.


In the fourth and final episode of Things Men Ruined, Natalie and Emily talk about their three favorite things: women, comedy and women in comedy.

HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky performs stand-up comedy for students at Michigan Hillel presents Scott Rogowsky LIVE at the Union Sunday night.

On Apr. 8, Scott Rogowsky himself, the “quiz master” of popular app HQ, graced the University with his presence for a live comedy and quiz show.