Community Culture

The plates in our hands served as the unifying force between us –– a group of college students striving to grasp onto that sense of community that surrounds us but often eludes us.

Katie Chase’s stories explore the strange world of marriage tradition in terms of gender, family dynamics and the public and private ways we grow up in a bizarre and arbitrarily gendered world.

Just prior to her eightieth birthday in October, an annual guest lecture series is being established in her honor.

The show stands in a category of its own among many reasons: a two-woman show with four characters, the experimental use of light, design, music and choreography and the modern themes of gender, sex and identity.

The Detroit City Study is a co-learning workspace located at the University of Michigan Detroit Center, designed for people interested in engaging in academic discourses in a non-traditional way.

“Each piece is its own little world,” Adams said.

“Top Chef” winner and University of Michigan alum Stephanie Izard opened up the lively spot in Chicago’s West Loop in 2010 and reservations there have been near-impossible to come by ever since.

Abby Wambach

While fans are used to watching Wambach on the field, she now tours as the author of her new memoir.

Ross Gay’s work focuses on a gratitude that is undoubtedly inclusive of an unjust world.

Why now, at twenty years old, do I find myself reminiscing on a dream that is far-gone and fairly irrelevant to my life now?