Community Culture

Xu Bing plans an installation

While many of Bing’s works appear to follow Chinese tradition, they are all in one way or another layered responses to current local and global events.

"Night and Day"

Mee has mastered the art of pushing uncomfortable topics to the forefront, making us question why we stigmatize them to begin with.

"Jeff and Delorian"

The exhibit advertised itself as a collection of diverse expressions of love, and it certainly offered this diversity.

Alec Baldwin

The chemistry on stage between the students, professors and Mr. Baldwin was raw, organic and gripping.


Cellphones and social media bring celebrities back down to Earth; they also obscure the boundaries between the Earth and the sky.

Pasek and Paul

“When we first brought this show to New York and it opened on Broadway, we started to notice that people were really connecting to the story and wanted to make it their own. People were hungry to dig into these character and go deeper into this journey.”

The Philadelphia Orchestra

As the audience left the theater, the excitement was palpable.


It’s visionaries like Idenburg that are shaping our environments and therefore our consciousness on a daily basis.

A famous shot from '2001'

It’s an undeniable epic: Stanley Kubrick’s classic film “2001: A Space Odyssey,” which turned 50 years old this past Apr., is known to be one of the most wildly influential films of all time.

Ariel Waldman

Being the fulcrum between science and art, Waldman will be speaking about her ingenious work this Thursday at the Michigan Theater.