Community Culture

The concert, combined with the preceding class, allowed for growth and exploration.

From beginning to end, Meeting of the Spirits: Music of Mahavishnu Orchestra was a head bobbing, feet thumping, heartfelt homage to John McLaughlin’s incredible musical career.

While complex art can be interesting and engaging, this propensity toward complexity among students can stunt artistic growth.

Akbar’s poetry is refreshingly honest and incredibly human.


Mahler’s symphonies go from the calm and quiet moaning of strings to loud and celebratory sounds of the brass and low beating of the timpani in a very short amount of time.


Here are 10 of the pieces featured, though many creative pieces within the exhibit are not listed.

Nathan Englander on war, peace and avoiding the executable

At the end of a performance, an audience’s applause is usually directed toward the performers on stage. Often times audiences aren’t thinking, however, of the individuals behind the scenes: the composers.


King Crimson is, and always has been, a collection of incredibly impressive musicians