Community Culture


I’m writing this while watching snow fall on a frozen lake. There’s a guy zooming around on a four-wheeler with a sled attached the back, and his two tiny children are sitting on it looking like fluffy bundles of hats and scarves.


In the week leading up to my seeing “The Great Tamer,” conceived, visualized and directed by Dimitris Papaioannou, the only thing I knew was that it contained full frontal nudity. So, naturally, I asked my dad to accompany me for a unique father-daughter bonding experience.


When I was a little girl, I ran into my mother’s room crying because I had a nightmare where she was eaten by a goblin. I jumped into her arms and asked her to never leave me.


Every day, when minorities are cast into traditional, previously white cast roles, we take one step closer to finding a semblance of equality.


The show is intended to be a discussion space for creators and designers as well as to showcase the progress of works of art.


Reading to me is like food and air — I can’t go a day without it. Recently, getting through entire novels seems to be taking up far too much of my time.

Anika Love, Lilly Kujawski, Aldo Leopoldo Pando Girard

I can assure you, the poems these poets have written are infectious.

Eli Rallo

What Geoff Packard and the team with Runyonland Productions did with “For the Record” was create a space for a new work to be explored and celebrated.

Elizabeth Alexander

Alexander is more than her impressive list of accomplishments. She’s deeply curious. She’s thinking about big ideas. She’s constantly experimenting with sound, form and genre.

Carolers at KindleFest

This event was the perfect curator for togetherness between not only Ann Arborites and students, but families of all ages.