Community Culture

Elizabeth Alexander

Alexander is more than her impressive list of accomplishments. She’s deeply curious. She’s thinking about big ideas. She’s constantly experimenting with sound, form and genre.

Carolers at KindleFest

This event was the perfect curator for togetherness between not only Ann Arborites and students, but families of all ages.

Alix Curnow

I encourage every student artist to reach out to the students that are not in their major.

The Orpheus Singers

Each piece carried an explicit tone as given by its categorized heading — playful and adoring, passionate, devoted and enduring or unrequited — but each piece also held a more softly-spoken air of chanciness, precariousness.

Community Culture Column

The best alinear art creates connections between disparate moments in time, allowing for development to take place over the course of a work though time may not be contributing to this development.


The exhibit returns to the roots of Ann Arbor’s social movements.


MUSKET did a wonderful job of giving the audience glimpses of the underlying fascist revolution while maintaining that life revolved around the complete opposite — parties and wild entertainment.

Aurdra McDonald

McDonald reminded me, as a young performer, of why I started singing in the first place.


On the corner of Fletcher and South Thayer St. lies 202 South Thayer — a quaint building often overshadowed by the Modern Language Building and North Quad, with whom it shares the intersection.

Together Live X Hello Sunshine

In a world where patriarchal systems in all spheres of American business, entertainment and media seem to dominate, we all need to hear the unfiltered and empowering stories of women, regardless of who we are.