Community Culture


The story of “BARE” is one that begs to be heard.


“Dance has been a really special thing to help me build my confidence, both in my voice physically and vocally,” said School of Music, Theatre & Dance senior Sally Butin. 


There is an inherent ebb and flow of life. When you are not being pushed or pulled, you are stagnant. Apathetically waiting as the world yawns by. It is within art that we can fulfill our craving for the thrill of life’s ebbs and flows.


Last Tuesday I found myself laying in bed when I should have been making myself a proper dinner. My thumb had settled into the routine up-down motion that all Instagram users know too well.

Zachary M.S. Waarala

The improvisation involved little harmonization and few instances of synchronized sound. However, the few moments of resolve were welcomed, like an oasis in a sea of musical confusion. I found that I wanted to keep listening in hopes of hearing such a satisfying resolve or a discernable melody.


We were just making art, we were coming together to stretch our minds and ourselves. And it was beautiful.

Author André Aciman discusses his new book "Find Me" in Rackham Auditorium Saturday.

“I don’t use the word ‘love’ at all in my writing. It does not appear once in ‘Call Me by Your Name,’” he said.

Natalie Kastner

I’m sure there are countless students here that think home is more about the people you love rather than a place.

'La Boheme'

The classic opera “La Boheme,” composed by Giacomo Puccini, is beyond iconic. Not only is the score boundlessly beautiful, but the tragic story still rings true in each era that has followed its conception.

Dana Pierangeli

The three-person play portrayed the complicated relationships among teenagers engaging in new experiences and exploring the world outside of high school and their parents’ control.