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Their coverage is important, but the intimate and important feeling of relating to the hosts is something mostly unique of podcasts.

The cast of "Angels"

It was a chilling statement on the very makeup of American society, a complex, thought-provoking and haunting depiction of the failures of contemporary American society.

Sailor J

Sailor J often uses makeup as a vehicle to make other points, but her points have nothing to do with whether makeup itself is a feminist action or product, which is refreshing.


For the third episode of Things Men Ruined, Emily and Natalie look at fairytales and the everlasting effect they’ve had on the public imagination — for better or for worse.


The point of art is to create, not to achieve perfection.


“There’s a lot of stigma surrounding mental health,” Issa said. “It’s okay if you are suffering, and it’s good to seek out these resources.”


The ’60s are dead. Protests are dead. We go to plays to be entertained. We read the news to be validated. We are deaf. Nobody is murdered. Nobody disagrees. Theatre can be used for change, but it is used for assimilation.

Mohja Kahf

Kahf’s poetry both addresses and reinvents stereotypes about Muslim women, encapsulating issues of femininity, sexuality and gender.

Chick Corea

Saturday’s performance will mark the end of a fantastic tour and (hopefully) the beginning of a new collaboration between artist and ensemble.

Male gymnastics at the Olympics

The atmosphere of the meet reminded me more of a performance than a competition.