Community Culture

Eli Rallo

Her first priority is never and would never be herself. Perhaps this is a part of motherhood, or perhaps this is just part of her.


The London Philharmonia’s performance for the University Musical Society in Hill Auditorium this past Thursday was a tour de force in late-19th-century German orchestral music.

Nitya Gupta

Before movies and television shows were created, people used to gather together and tell stories as a means of entertainment.

“Value the Voice,” a storytelling series, brings us back to the basics, honoring the power behind spoken word and gathering in an intimate space.

Dana Pierangeli

Not only do the students become more comfortable onstage and grow as singers from performing themselves, but they also gain valuable insight by watching their peers.

Alix Curnow

The notion that Portia and Nerissa are explicitly one way or another on the spectrum of sexuality is not necessarily important. However, the intimate way the two characters interact with one another informs the possibility that they may love one another beyond platonic measures.


Stephen Sondheim’s most underrated musical “Merrily We Roll Along” took the stage of the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre the weekend before Spring Break.


“The Beach” is all-white, including the “shore” and the sea of balls. The only pops of color come from blow-up toys such as a pink flamingo or a striped inner-tube.

Vern Smith

It may seem that in recent years certain parties have come around to acknowledging this war’s failure with the advent of legal marijuana in several U.S. states and Canada, Smith remains insistent that both federal governments are irrational as ever about it.

Kristin Kuster

Many of Kuster’s goals — as a chair of composition and, it seems, as an active member of the composing community in general — align with this idea of addressing recent political developments in the world.

Troy Bolton, "High School Musical"

I found the strength in myself to face my demons, and they were a lot less scary when they looked like Troy Bolton.