Community Culture


Every woman in my family instinctively knows how to cook. We all know how to roll grape leaves, work with filo and make lamb less gamey. There’s a pride in creating joy within sustenance.

Monterey Jazz Festival

A woman in front of me exclaimed “They’re all women!” once they filled onstage.


Given that M-Agination cuts most scripts it receives, these films probably lost their effectiveness at other points in the process. Ironically enough, the films at the M-Agination Film Festival largely lacked imagination.


While I would have liked to see LGBT relationships explored in a more unique way, the play is quite genuine.

Dana Pierangeli

My quest has been less about coffee than just finding a place where I belong — a little nook of campus I can call my own.

Dana Pierangeli

I didn’t see any hypnotized Diag squirrels or dancing oaks, but the Orpheus Singers certainly lived up to their name. Directed by Eugene Rogers, the smallest of the SMTD choirs put on a night of beautiful classical choir pieces that charmed their audience.

Isabel Stein

In addition to this recital being a celebration of both Stein’s career at school and her father, it is also a celebration of the writers of the songs she will be performing.

Ryan Cox

“It’s a really easy way for people to connect with something that isn’t necessarily a news headline of a political topic. Using art as a medium allows people to interface with their emotions more readily than, say, interacting with a headline,” Hobbs stated.

Natalie Kastner

Last Sunday evening at the University of Michigan Museum of Art, I was transported to another world. Runyonland Productions, headed by School of Music, Theatre & Dance senior musical theater major Thomas Laub, put on a production of Adam Guettel’s “Myths and Hymns.”


Even today, this play is able to speak about unspeakable topics: bringing mankind’s desires into the light in an effort to prevent us from traveling into Elysian Fields.