Campus Life

LSA junior Shamaila Ashraf leads a forum on campus climate at Couzens Hall on Friday. The event was held as part of the LSA Education Climate Committee's efforts to gauge and improve the inclusivity of the campus's climate for all students.

Students discussed uninclusive behaviors in the classroom and the University’s perceived lack of transparency in relation to issues of mental health at a forum on Friday.

LSA freshman Tyler Dubay argues that the people of Michigan ought not recall Governor Snyder as consequence for the Flint Water Crisis during a Michigan Political Union debate at the Union on Tuesday.

The Michigan Political Union held a debate Tuesday on if Gov. Rick Snyder (R) should be recalled in light of the Flint water crisis.

LSA senior Brittney Williams performs her monologue, F Words, for Body Monologues, a performance for members of the UM community to share stories focused on body image, embodiment and acceptance at the Lydia Mendelssohn theater on Tuesday.

The Lydia Mendelssohn Theater was filled to capacity for the fifth annual Body Monologues Tuesday night, featuring spoken word narratives from 12 performers. Inspired by the Vagina Monologues, the event featured stories by students about their sexuality and body image.

Rackham student Whitney Smith speaks on issues ranging from food scarcity to racial injustices during the Food Justice Panel at the Dana Building of Natural Resources and Environment.

A coalition of University organizations examined inequalities in the food industry during a food justice panel Tuesday night.

LSA junior, officer of the Office of Student Conflict Resolution, Lauren Shepard speaks with other students about what conflict and conflict resolution means to them at the Union on Monday.

About 15 students sat in a circle at the Michigan Union for the event to reflect on the idea of conflict and how to instigate resolution and restoration. Students and facilitators discussed whether conflict and confrontation are mutually exclusive, how identities are reflected in the ways different individuals handle conflict and whether all conflicts are solvable.

While other Martin Luther King Jr. memorial lectures on campus charged students to ponder #WhoWillBeNext in sparking social activism, the Joint Health Schools MLK Symposium Committee lecture Monday asked who would be next specifically in increasing diversity in health care systems.

Social work student Wendy Cortes discusses race and its impact on political elections at Hatcher Graduate Library on Thursday.

A panel of five led a conversation on increasing minority influence in the political arena.

Dr. Andrew Alexis, chairman of the Department of Dermatology and professor at Mount Sinai, speaks on treating patients with darker colored skin in the Taubman Health Center on Thursday.

Dr. Alexander Alexis discussed the importance of recognizing how dermatological conditions affect various skin colors in different ways.