Campus Life

Enrollment by gender in various schools within the University

“When I was deciding to do computer science, one of the main reasons that I didn’t want to do it was I never saw myself as the computer science type because I think that type is typically male,” LSA junior Kayla Fedewa said.

Students chalked the Diag on Sunday to remember the victims of the Orlando shooting.

In response to the mass shooting in Orlando early Sunday morning, students chalked a vigil on the Diag in remembrance of the victims.

Friday afternoon, Huda Akil, the Gardner Quarton distinguished professor of neuroscience and psychiatry at the University of Michigan, along with five neuroscientists from various other institutions, participated in Reddit’s Science Ask Me Anything series, to discuss training future neuroscientists.

Andrew Zureick, a University of Michigan Medical School student — along with three of his former undergraduate Dartmouth College colleagues — published a book titled “What Every Science Student Should Know” last month.

Discrimination against transgender individuals

Amid national controversy over transgender rights, local and University of Michigan policies have moved toward a greater accommodation of transgender students, specifically the right to choose which restroom they prefer to use — despite the issue becoming controversial in state legislature.

Microbiome experts Ed Yong and Jack Gilbert present on their respective fields of study at Rackham Graduate School on Monday.

Ed Yong, an award-winning science writer for The Atlantic, and Jack Gilbert, a professor of surgery at the University of Chicago, discussed how microbes —communities of microscopic organisms that live on or in people, plants, soil, oceans and the atmosphere — affect life forms o

Several students voiced concern over the University of Michigan’s decision to name the new building which will house the William Trotter Multicultural Center after Regent Mark Bernstein and his wife, Rachel Bendit.

Hopwood Program Director Peter Ho Davies introduces award recipients and author Susan Choi on Tuesday.

In the Rackham Amphitheatre on Tuesday, 34 graduate and undergraduate students were presented with Hopwood Awards, totaling more than $220,000 in prizes.

Two student groups organized a free outdoor concert featuring student performers Monday in the Diag.

In 2006, the group changed their name to Order of Angell as part of a symbolic separation from the previous controversy.