It’s easy to appreciate “The Memory Police” for its prose, though not for its plot.

Ames Hawkins

These shifts in style don’t hurt the flow. Like the best anthology records or essay collections, the fast transitions keep each page a surprise.


In their respective halves, Drake and Sin shower the reader with affirmation through their messages of self-love and perseverance.

Colette Fellous

The winding passages are devoid of quotation marks and steeped in poetics, which effectively has the effect of making me feel as though my body was being hit with wave after wave of text, struggling to stay alive and afloat.


The idea of “gifted and talented” programs is nothing new: In fact, I would expect many of the people interested in this article were a part of one in the past.


The plot of the novel is quiet, living more in gestures than arcs.

The Longlist


The Michigan Daily on The Booker Prize


What once seemed like an apt way to shed a humanistic lens on the life of a sex worker in Turkey ends up holding a darker implication of romanticism.

Kevin Barry

Barry’s creation of empathy for a wholly detestable character does not make for a perfect novel.

Chigozie Obioma

Obioma masterfully balances the reader’s empathy and their realization of the fruitlessness of the relating. The story’s similarity to “The Odyssey” and Romeo and Juliet as allows the narrative to be tangible and understood for Western audiences.