The poetry collection is an even mix of prose, poems and more stylized verses.


The basketball team is now on its way to the national championship, so since we’re due for a new Poetry Playlist, this one is going to follow the theme of celebration.

"A Woman, In Bed"

It’s rare to find an insistently feminist novel or even one willing to fully describe the complexly entangled pains and joys of womanhood.

Toni Morrison

I had never read a book so simultaneously blunt yet musical, sparse yet evocative.

Books review

The majority of the poems construct and take place in a burlesque purgatory in which the dead perform grotesque replicas of living.


It’s everything that you look for when you pick up a young adult novel at the bookstore: Fast-paced and exciting, but also timely, thoughtful and carefully rendered.

"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"

There’s something about the story of the Nolan family that seems far-fetched, yet entirely possible to sympathize with.


De los Santos writes fiction like a poet, every word lovingly chosen, and in her capable hands even the simplest things sparkle.

Literature Column

Harper’s work is saturated with evidence of her multifaceted intellectualism, from her religious, literary and cultural references to her old-fashioned language and careful, impeccable meter.


Clive Cussler is certainly not for everyone, but he deserves a chance.