One side effect of coming late to everything is that I have a lot of submerged influences; my past resembles a neglected attic.


“The common perception of women that is used to keep them in their place is that women are not allowed simply to be human beings, they are supposed to be giving beings.”

Julia Moss

Even feminism itself, Traister tells us, has long been divided into warring factions, but just because the movement is imperfect doesn’t mean that it is invalid.

'The Other Sister'

“Twenty-five years ago, I killed my mother.” It is with this jarring line that Sarah Zettel first introduces readers to the chaotic world of the Monroe sisters in her latest novel, “The Other Sister.” The story is told from the perspectives of Geraldine and Marie Monroe as they reconnect after ye


Smith and O’Gieblyn seem to encounter the subtle, powerful pragmatism of the Midwest in their own voices.

Tessa Rose

Walker’s writing shows all the marks of a revered author, poet and activist.

Laura Dzubay

“Don’t Pass Cars / On Curve or Hill / If the Cops / Don’t Get You / Morticians Will.” “If Daisies Are Your / Favorite Flower / Keep Pushin’ Up / Those Miles-Per-Hour.” “If You / Don’t Know / Whose Signs / These Are / You Can’t Have / Driven Very Far.”

A young Daniel Radcliffe as Harry

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” helped me understand that it’s OK to choose your family.

Books on Liberty

This Tuesday Oct. 23, a public art project by the University’s Institute for Humanities called “Literature vs. Traffic” was installed on Liberty St. Over 10,000 books covered the street all day, and pedestrians were invited to walk through the books and pick from them at night.


Like the restaurant it spends all of its time in, the book is a reminder of why some things are best left in the past.