In “Missoula,” the urgency resonates with every page, making it impossible to put down.

It was quite a relief then, after having agreed to the writing of this review, to discover that Robert Walser’s Looking at Pictures — a book putatively about art — is really far more about people than what they paint.

The problems we have with the Caine Prize go deeper than problems within literature — these issues reflect our need to homogenize Africa.

My friends and I were never not going to be simulacra and Naylor knew that — but it felt like she loved us anyways. We could be whoever we wanted for as long as we wanted, and that was beautiful.

Pinckney’s second novelistic endeavor is fun in its charming, fizzling candor and its attempt to understand Jed’s personal experience through the prism of history.

This city promotes creativity and imagination through so much of what it does, but growth has been especially surprising and noteworthy in the burgeoning literary community.

Rather than yearning for an age I barely knew, though, I’m choosing to embrace the way social media and the Internet in general has changed our lives.

Bildungsroman: I was disappointed that such an uninspiring, sticky word described what was the most important genre to me when I was growing up, and to this day.

More and more established authors are conflating the status of literary with the escapism of genre.

Modiano’s book is an elliptical story that’s less focused on what memories reveal than what they don’t.