Bildungsroman: I was disappointed that such an uninspiring, sticky word described what was the most important genre to me when I was growing up, and to this day.

More and more established authors are conflating the status of literary with the escapism of genre.

Modiano’s book is an elliptical story that’s less focused on what memories reveal than what they don’t.

It’s impossible for us to ever have a fully comprehensive understanding of what transpired in Salem in 1692.

Out of the 48 books I had read so far this year, almost none of them came out in 2015.

“Where are you from?” is often the first or second friendly question we get when meeting new people. So to have literature intercede and do some of the work for us, essentially assigning responsibility for the identity of a state to a particular book, is a strange idea.

I decided I had to embark upon a literary journey unlike any other I have previously contemplated – I had to read “Infinite Jest.”

"Purity" is not quite the genre-bending of Mr. Franzen’s contemporaries, but it still provides a welcome example of the author’s interest in connecting meaningfully with the culture at large.

It’s a meandering lecture of a book, often interesting, sometimes beautiful, but also tedious and exasperating.

At times, Žižek may come off as ridiculous, but at least he is troubling the water.