Even the final pages of 'Voices in the Dark' are doused in chilling mystery.

There are a ton of different haunted house stories out there. The reason I’m choosing to focus on this one is because it’s a great example of horror literature, and there’s no better time to talk about horror literature than Halloween season.

They are eccentric, erratic, sometimes ecstatic.

It seems that the point is less to declare a true and definite winner, and more to examine the interesting manifestations of this conflict.

The web of LGBTQ representation in the writing world is a tangled one.

My only wish for this novel was that it was longer.

Honest, introspective and of course curious, Delbanco’s work is a stimulating read that takes the time to stop to think about life with precision and imagination

Before writing his novel, Klein spent three years doing rigorous research to understand the intricacies of his imagined technology and ensure its feasibility.

The stories are shaved to the bone and razor-sharp.

In exquisite prose, Melamed shows us the dark colors of these serrated boundaries, and how people bleed when they push against them.