Her nickname was literally 'the Poet of the People,' and it isn’t very hard to see why.

Stryker, a writer and activist who specializes in developing consent culture in alternative communities, argues against the rhetoric of sex positivity or negativity in favor of a “sex critical” attitude.


In “We Were Eight Years in Power,” Coates establishes a pattern of explaining an argument as fully possible, then challenging it at every turn in order to see whether or not it holds up to scrutiny.

It would be a mistake to confuse her preference for simple, everyday subjects with an inability to cope with complexity and ambiguity; Giovanni is able to sit comfortably at the midline between light and dark, hope and hopelessness.


'In the Midst of Winter' shows Allende at the top of her form, applying her brilliant, sensory prose to a whirlwind of destinations in the Americas, from the gray streets of Santiago to a small indigenous village in Guatemala, a New York City snowstorm to bright, boisterous Rio de Janeiro.

And as a result, it’s a beautiful book — honest and clear, funny and sad, painful to read at times and gorgeous at others.

Joshua Max Feldman

The novel shines when it shifts its focus toward Adam and Marissa’s attempts to deal with questions of love and choice while they are both at rock bottom.

Is there still a place for such stories in the modern canon?

More than anything, it’s the human insight and empathy Allende imbues her characters with that grounds the story.

Spooky poetry is fun anytime, anywhere, but Halloween offers many advantages if you want to get really extra about it.