Secrets and mystery prove to be the backbone of “Swimming Lessons.”

At times 'This Too Shall Pass' feels like you’re peeking into someone else’s diary.

The stories in “The Refugees” have several common themes — family, alienation, independence and personal growth — but the book never feels repetitive.

According to Crispin, so-called “feminists” are creating the problems within feminism itself.

Stephen Mack Jones has infused a real love of Detroit into every page.

Garber works entirely within familiar YA story structures, but she clearly understands exactly how to maximize traditional narratives to be their very best.

Everything about ‘Fever Dream’ is dizzying.


His presumed air of intelligence is what defines him, and ultimately reveals to the reader the unsettling nature of how this boy sees himself in comparison to those around him.


Atwood once again smoothly reveals a deftness of craft and the power that the art of storytelling has, no matter what the vehicle or venue.

The trend of disintegrating the boundaries constructed around identity is, for me, most openly apparent in books that examine girls crossing the threshold into womanhood, and the causalities that so often occur during that in-between state.