“This is the first time I’ve written to you / and I know now why they call me little witch.”

I think that writing, like any art form, is just a way of teaching ourselves to better understand and appreciate the millions of stories, thoughts and emotions that make up the world. And the facets that make up somebody’s life, the decisions that they make, have just as much to teach you as the words that they choose to write down.

A meditation on writing, on friendship and on what writing can do to a friendship, Patchett’s first work of non-fiction is gut wrenching and beautiful, even beautifully gut wrenching.

Author Harry Dolan

To start off a mysterious crime novel by directly identifying the sinister killer is a bold move. Yet Harry Dolan’s latest book, “The Man in the Crooked Hat,” thrives on such twists.

Daily Arts Writers rank the best books of 2017.

But early texts such as Julian’s provide us with one of the most straightforward keys to better understanding people’s lives during the Middle Ages and what was important to them.

'They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us' is itself a phrase from a sign plastered to a Michael Brown memorial. The title serves as an informal thesis to Abdurraqib’s work, which grapples intently with what it means to be Black and alive in 2017.

Her poems also highlight beauty, intimacy and nature in ways that are touchingly genuine.

Erdrich is a staunch realist; what makes her dystopia so terrifying is that it’s also so plausible, even in its most outrageous aspects.

With his recently released generational saga “Column of Fire,” historical fiction guru Ken Follett brings the latest installment of the Kingsbridge Series to the niche community of Middle Age-enthusiasts.