So, in honor of spring break, here is a list of books that will both get you itching to travel and allow you to do so from the comfort of your own home.

What does it mean to be a writer? What does it mean to love, to live, to lose? What does it mean to write about these things?

The story was instantly addictive, a mix of history, romance and adventure.

Daniel Radcliff in "Harry Potter"

I have never read a single Harry Potter book in my life.


“Holes” by Louis Sachar is an intricate and beautiful story framed in the perfect innocence of a young adult novel.

The book is full of delightful melodramatics.

Timmy Reed’s “Kill Me Now” captures the feeling of a teenage summer more thoroughly and successfully than many other novels in its genre — and there are a lot.


Though these places are rich and enthralling, they never seem to overshadow the poignancy of Benjamin’s characters — the Golds’ history as a family is steeped in a sense of the unknown, something which ultimately propels them into the future.

Even if you feel like people don’t appreciate you back this Valentine’s Day, loving other people or even just liking other people all by yourself is actually awesome.

Every sentence, every careful observation from Charlie, oozes with an unbridled adolescent angst that’s devastatingly honest in one moment, honestly devastating in the next.