Vanessa Place

Place devours cultural schisms, splintering them wide open for the world’s eye to behold.

Laura Dzubay

Titles don’t only draw us into the work. They also fix our attention upon fewer words, and thereby propel us to consider the convention that builds the work up and makes it beautiful: its language.

"Nine Perfect Strangers"

Moriarty is able to make seemingly small interactions and commonplace moments entertaining and riveting, as if they are not commonplace, but crucial.


Laymon finds a stray thread, and has summoned the courage to begin unraveling.

"Hannah Versus the Tree"

The whole book feels like a weak gesture at some undefined avant-garde ideal.

Susan Orlean

Books become extensions of ourselves that preserve culture, history, science and all other bits and pieces of human thought rendered into ink-inscribed words on paper.

Taylor Swift

I loved Taylor Swift more than anything because she made writing fun.


One side effect of coming late to everything is that I have a lot of submerged influences; my past resembles a neglected attic.


“The common perception of women that is used to keep them in their place is that women are not allowed simply to be human beings, they are supposed to be giving beings.”

Julia Moss

Even feminism itself, Traister tells us, has long been divided into warring factions, but just because the movement is imperfect doesn’t mean that it is invalid.