“The Wonder,” like “Room” or “Slammerkin,” is impossible to put down.

Baseball in our current cultural landscape means something much different than what it means on the page.

Before it was even published, “The Nix” had been compared to works by several groundbreaking novelists including, but not limited to, John Irving and Charles Dickens. And “The Nix” is Hill’s first novel.

Ferrante’s description of the female experience creates an intimacy with the author so vivid that the reader feels like they know her, or that she knows them.

It’s not too late to pick up a short summer read. And if you’re a fan of profiles on eccentric historical figures, this is certainly the book for you.

Chilean writer Alejandro Zambra’s latest book is a novelty — it’s a novel written in the form of a multiple choice exam

“Zero K” isn’t one of DeLillo’s best. But, in a few years when, perhaps, the global elite build their own Convergence and leave the plebeians to their mortal coils, it may be.

Hardly a week goes by without an article popping up on Facebook or Twitter analyzing the current situation regarding the love lives — or lack thereof — of millennials. “They’re doomed,” the critics always seem to sob. “All they do now is hookup.”

Seidel writes the self — the main tool of the confessional mode and, basically, all lyrical poetry — into absurdity.

“30 Rock”

The transitory state of medium for these comedians means that these books will all be listed under “other work” for their Wikipedia pages. They’re thought of as side projects.