Best of Ann Arbor


There are restaurants that you go to with great frequency. There are restaurants you profess to love. There are restaurants to which you feel some kind of intense loyalty, akin to your dedication to a religion or sports team. And then there is Chelas.

The Arb

Once in a while you just have to unplug and remove yourself from the subdued neuroticism of a library and the oppressive concrete of downtown to indulge your inner Walt Whitman.

The Arb

My first experience walking through Nichols Arboretum — exclusively known as “the Arb” — was in October of my freshman year. While sitting on a bench near the Huron river, I felt a sense of peace for the first time as a college student.


So it’s the day before Saint Patrick’s Day, and your get-up for tomorrow is looking absolutely pathetic. You’ve gone through your closet and picked out the little green you have — and boy, it was slim pickings. You’re starting to panic.

Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute has all the feel of a full-fledged salon, without all of the fuss or high prices — or maybe just the right amount of fuss.

The Lunchroom

What started as “Mark’s Carts,” a food truck that would appear in downtown Ann Arbor’s food cart courtyard, has rapidly evolved into one of the most popular restaurants in the city. Now when one walks into the The Lunch Room they are greeted by a bustling atmosphere and an affable staff.


If you can make the trek up to North Campus, then Cardamom is definitely the way to go. Always packed with people, the restaurant has a warm ambience and modern vibes with the Indian fusion music it plays.

IM Building

Sports are kind of a big deal here at Michigan. And yes, although ball is life, we don’t all don yellow M-embroidered backpacks and parkas.


With a prime location, free Billiards tables, and a complete Karaoke list, Circus offers the quintessential vibe for college students and twenty-somethings. Beers are cheap, the popcorn is free, and when you finally cave to your friends’ pleads of “Just one song!

Aveda Institute

At $16 a haircut, the Aveda Institute can’t really be beat. Services are given by students, under the guidance and supervision of their instructors. When I walked in for my first great chop there, all I could think about was how I was playing a very, very dangerous game.