Best of Ann Arbor


If you’ve been desperately searching for the perfect date night dinner spot that resembles a restaurant from a fluffy rom-com, Sava’s is the place to go.

School of Literature, Science, and Arts Building

It’s admittedly a bit strange to try to determine the “best” college the University of Michigan has to offer.


Chela’s is the only place to get a taco in Ann Arbor. I’ve never been to Pancheros sober, what even is Tio’s and Isalita is too… nice.

Pinball Petes

It’s the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at the U-M, and I’m coming home from a birthday party with a friend. We had to walk down S. Forest to get back to his apartment, and like many times freshman year walking to Sadako or No Thai, we passed Pinball Pete’s.


I’ve always been one to mock restaurants for being overpriced, and clown their customers for succumbing to their snappy, photo-ready meals. At the local joint down the street the food is almost always twice as hearty for half the price.

Oxford Company

For the Michigan student living in Ann Arbor, the place you call home is important — and that’s what you get with an Oxford property.

Roos Roast

It was the first week of college, and I felt funky. Ostracized to Baits II housing, I decided to hit the town as a fresh blood and search for a hipster coffee shop with the hopes of preventing alienation from creeping in at all corners.

Best of Ann Arbor 2019

The time has come, folks. Each year, The Michigan Daily uses the power of editorial freedom to consult University lovers and locals on what’s hot in Ann Arbor. Maybe you had a bangin’ breakfast at a place downtown or picked out just the right top for your night out with your closest enemies.


Squeezed between a liquor store and a record shop, and shoved underneath a yoga studio, is Ashley’s: A hole-in-the-wall bar on State Street and a staple to the University’s campus.


Michigan Time is soon to be a relic of the University’s past, but before it was brutally murdered, it was  sweet relief to the thousands of students who used those 10 minutes to breathe just a little bit easier.