Best of Ann Arbor

The MDen

It’s the holiday season, and you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift that will simultaneously spread holiday cheer and remind the recipient of the fantastic school you attend — where do you go? The MDen.

Trader Joe's

Oh, Trader Joe’s. You’re so weird, and I love you so much.

Grizzly Peak

Grizzly Peak may be one of the friendliest places in Ann Arbor. It’s nestled on the corner of Washington and Ashley Streets, as if the brewery itself is welcoming you downtown.

Frita Batidos

I’m not the obvious candidate to write a blurb about Ann Arbor’s “Best Burger.” I am, after all, a vegetarian, and have been for essentially the entire time I’ve lived in Ann Arbor. So maybe not the best qualified to judge the delectability of a beef sandwich.

The Lunch Room

Between its adorable exposed-brick facade, twinkle-light terrace and overall vibrance (the food! the colors!), The Lunch Room’s Instagram notoriety is, quite frankly, deserved. The place is happy, full of natural light and smiling service.

aUM Yoga

aUM yoga, founded in 2013 by University alum, Jessie Lipkowitz, has been serving as a haven for busy and stressed out students at the University for 5 years, starting first in a basement studio off State Street and moving to its current studio on South University.


Nestled between a yoga studio and one of Ann Arbor’s many hipster coffee shops, there sits Tomukun, a cozy noodle bar and a bustling Korean barbeque restaurant.


Always bustling on Plymouth Road, Cardamom houses the best Indian food within a fifty-mile radius of Ann Arbor. I’m of Bengali heritage and have tried almost every Indian restaurant in the metro-Detroit area. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of them fall into the same mold: oil.


The great irony of being broke is that, generally, it puts you in the know of the finer things in life. Sure, others may have deep-flowing pockets lined with their parents’ money, but what those pockets are devoid of is desperation.

Mani Osteria

Michigan has a lot of great things to offer: a good education, delicious donuts and a beautiful autumn season. Yes, Michigan is an expert in so many things — pizza is not one of them. As a New Jersey Italian, I was hesitant to eat out in Ann Arbor, mourning the loss of my favorite cuisine.