Best of Ann Arbor

Best of Ann Arbor 2019

The time has come, folks. Each year, The Michigan Daily uses the power of editorial freedom to consult University lovers and locals on what’s hot in Ann Arbor. Maybe you had a bangin’ breakfast at a place downtown or picked out just the right top for your night out with your closest enemies.


Squeezed between a liquor store and a record shop, and shoved underneath a yoga studio, is Ashley’s: A hole-in-the-wall bar on State Street and a staple to the University’s campus.


Michigan Time is soon to be a relic of the University’s past, but before it was brutally murdered, it was  sweet relief to the thousands of students who used those 10 minutes to breathe just a little bit easier.


"This is my favorite corner in Ann Arbor" reads a quote painted on the brick wall exterior of Ann Arbor's most coveted bookstore: "Literati". Located on E.

A J. Keller property

Rent: there was a musical devoted to it, you tend to forget about it and apparently it’s too damn high. With J. Keller, paying rent is a breeze which is one reason that makes them the best landlord in Ann Arbor.

Cottage Inn

Pizza solves anything, but good pizza solves everything. Cottage Inn has been my pizza of choice since I arrived in Ann Arbor. It makes game days better, girls nights cheesier and Tuesday afternoons breezier.


Despite the fact that the midwest is not known for their sushi — one of Ann Arbor's most popular restaurants for students and residents alike is "Sadako" — an extremely popular Japanese restaurant located on South University Avenue.

Fleetwood Diner

Feta cheese tastes good on everything, but Fleetwood Diner knows that feta cheese tastes best covering a mount of hash browns like a warm blanket, as students take the trek to Main Street, their heads still booming with last night's regrets.


I write this in a cozy chair on a Sunday morning in the corner of Avalon Café & Kitchen. The restaurant is completely full, an eclectic crowd of families, Ann Arbor locals, students and visitors. Some are working, some are eating, but all are happy.

Blind Pig

The first time I stepped into the Bling Pig I was extraordinarily underwhelmed.