Michigan baseball coach Erik Bakich will have to hire a pitching coach before the season starts.

The Michigan baseball team held its last in-person activities of the year last Friday. Its next in-person meeting will take place on Jan. 19, the first day of winter semester classes.

Chris Fetter will join the Detroit Tigers after contributing to some of Michigan baseball's great recent successes on the way to the College World Series.

Last Friday, Fetter followed his proteges into the big leagues, signing on as pitching coach of the Detroit Tigers. He leaves large shoes that will take several months and dozens of interviews to fill.

Joe Pace will enter his sixth year of eligibility this year after being granted an extra year of eligibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Daily breaks down key moments from sixth-year utility man Joe Pace's career.

Michigan baseball coach Erik Bakich, as well as the rest of the Wolverines' baseball team, selectively follows many unofficial rules of baseball on the diamond.

The incident sparked a larger conversation about baseball’s unwritten rules, a few of which are written below. Which, if any, do Erik Bakich and the Michigan baseball team observe?

Lots of freshmen have trouble their first year of college, Michigan baseball works to alleviate that.

Students’ freshman year of college is often identified as a hotspot for mental health challenges, especially because students are away from their family, so the comfort and family atmosphere that the team provides is truly valuable.


Jaylen Jones and Tyler Fullman are two supremely talented student athletes from Georgia and Chicago, respectively. They both have athletic accolades under their belts, and they both have their sights set on professional ball.

Michigan baseball alumni Ben Keizer and Jimmy Kerr recently opened a new training facility in Ann Arbor.

To Keizer and Kerr, that image represents their past, one of their favorite moments and the connection to their former teammates that they have drawn on in the aftermath of a months-long quarantine.

Despite canceled fall games, the Michigan baseball team feels confident about development before next season.

Like any other offseason, the Wolverines will earn everything from playing time and leadership roles to team logowear. Bakich hopes to build off the success of his 2019 team, which was runner-up at the College World Series, after losing five more important pieces of that team to the 2020 MLB draft and adding 20 new players to the roster.

After being drafted in the third round by the Chicago Cubs, former Wolverine, Jordan Nwogu, is finishing his degree at Michigan while training for his Minor League Baseball debut.

While his transition from college towards the minors was not as he expected it to be, he was able to come back to Michigan and finish his degree as he planned.

Former Michigan shortstop Jack Blomgren was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 2020 MLB Draft.

When asked what his favorite part about playing baseball is, Jack Blomgren doesn’t hesitate.

“Number One: Winning,” the former Michigan shortstop told The Daily. “For sure. Just going out there and competing.”