Tess Garcia

This is my journey with cannabidiol skin care.


But despite the opulence and drama of it all, Tolstoy’s magnum opus remains the most achingly human story I’ve ever read.

John Mayer

In a way, John Mayer was my therapist; my guitar could voice what my vocal cords couldn’t muster.

Tessa Rose

There’s something inexplicably satisfying about walking into Trader Joe’s.

Breanna Cross

The Natural Hair Movement is, in essence, a love story, and Cross’s work is a testament to the recovery process Black women around the globe are having with their hair.

Sam Rosenberg

For me, the Jewfro represents a paradox of pride and shame.

Sex Pistols

To be punk is to subvert the status quo in every manner, especially in the way you look to others.

Troye Sivan

What makes Sivan so different from his other male contemporaries? And what makes his hair such a statement? The answer lies in his unapologetic acceptance of his queerness.

Carlina Duan

Duan’s hair is where the line between recognition and fetishization becomes most apparent in her poetry.

Nolas Underground Salon

Nothing compares to that feeling you get when you walk out of the salon with a fresh haircut, that feeling of newness and transformation when you leave the hair salon.