From Zingerman’s, to The Diag, through to the Big House, the number three outlines Ann Arbor’s places to be.

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The triangle can be a gorgeously balanced shape — three equal angles and three equal sides all connected at clean points. But rarely does a love triangle ever emulate the stability of an equilateral triangle.

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They’re grating and grossly exploitative, but I don’t know if I have a better recommendation if you just want to sit and laugh with some friends.

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For bigger fraternities with 150 or more brothers each dropping $200 or more on clothing over a year, that 30,000 number is right in sight. Now multiply that $200 figure times 4,200 students involved in Greek life. The University of Michigan alone has a multi-hundred-thousand-dollar per year Greek apparel industry. That’s a lot of design work, a lot of transactions, a lot of logistics. That’s where companies like Greek Dressing come in.


Most reality television requires some suspension of disbelief, but this is insane. There is a less-than-zero percent chance that these women did not figure out that that this bland rock-kicker was not in the line of succession to the British throne. It’s not like they didn’t have clues — aside from the important fact that he doesn’t resemble Prince Harry in the slightest, his accent isn’t correct, he suffered from an acute case of flop sweat and his “security detail” was wearing sunglasses that look like they came from the clearance rack at Bass Pro Shops.


Just as musicians found a way around the expensive establishment methods of music distribution, students are exploring different channels of acquiring textbooks. I know this seems like a leap, but stay with me.


And the whole time, “The Hills” had been in on the joke. (Or more distressingly, the joke had been on us.) A doting, enthralled audience was — as Ja Rule put it — hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray.

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This considered, faking your art is blasphemous not only because you’re lying, but because you steal someone else’s experience and personality by doing so.

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That is why I want osmotic art. I want art that can be rained upon. I want art that subverts the norms. Perhaps all this concentrated thought and talk has made me sentimental, but I want art that becomes real when I have a relationship with it, the way a child wants a toy that becomes real once they love it.


The rise of fast fashion in the past decade has completely transformed the how this age-old system works. Demand has skyrocketed because many consumers have come to rely on clothing from these cheap and easy brands, as they unknowingly become involved in this unspoken side of the knockoff industry.