Johanna Bauman discusses the PAT program.

Moore’s law postulates the capabilities of technology double every two years and will continue to do so indefinitely.


There’s no doubt we are living in an age of screens, and books have not been spared in the relentless transfer of text to electronic devices. Is this a bad thing? How have writers grappled with the impacts of technology on human connection, communication and interaction?

J Dilla

Dilla’s use of technology to further his art is proof of hip hop’s reliance on and celebration of digital production, but also of what it is capable of.


Although brand new technology like VR and 3D printing are incredibly expensive, access to basic, affordable equipment has also altered the independent animation scene.

3D Printing

When O’Malley looks to the future of 3D technologies and art, she hopes for improvement from both the artistic side as well as the technical side, because while 3D technology is used to create art, art skills are used to transform science and engineering projects from an idea to reality.

"Legend of Zelda"

The last couple of years have, in my opinion, seen video games truly come into their own as a medium that can tell unique, powerful stories which could only be told as video games.


You become the tour guide and decide what you want to experience in this strange new digital world.

Changing television

But in a world run by technology and shaped by convenience, is it even a surprise that streaming has quickly become a dominating aspect of our everyday lives?

The Killers

As I walked toward the Greenwood block party last September, just as it seemed like it was about over, a familiar sound caught my ear. Amid the echoes of jubilant laughter and delirious chatter, I heard the unmistakable opening notes of “Mr.

Lin-Manuel Miranda in "Hamilton"

To me, there’s something really special about going to a stage door after a performance.