Bob Dylan

A sense of rebellion is woven deeply into the American identity.

Eli Rallo

I love to be alone.

"A Cinderella Story"

It feels good to watch two people want each other so much that they hate each other, even though they don’t hate each other — not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Healing rocks

I have severe anxiety, but luckily, I have my stones.

Verity Sturm

Luckily, there exists a trove of amazingly helpful theory on pornographic literature to dissolve some of these insidious barriers of convention, and perhaps embolden us to embrace some new flavor.


World poverty is understandably grim, but FeelGood tries to tackle the problem with optimism instead.

Samantha Della Fera

Alongside the scent of espresso and ink, you discover new books, new ideas, new journeys to embark on.


The wellness industry is booming. Brands like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Jessica Alba’s Honest Company have made the act of being healthy, whatever that may mean to you, into both an experience and an aesthetic.

Sims 3

Beyond the boundless creativity and anarchic freedom of the game, there lies a level of control afforded to the player that is not accessible in reality, making The Sims 3 the perfect platform to channel high levels of stress and anxiety.

Lady GaGa

It’s criminal to not to pay attention to the suggestions of others and only listen to the same handful of artists for the rest of your lifetime.