Arielle Lee Campbell

When politics are brought up, it invokes a series of reactions. Some may jump at the term, desperate for any chance to share their bona fide beliefs.

'First Man'

Movies have always been political.

'The First Purge'

The problem now is we’re not satirizing Trump. We’re just sarcastically repeating what he says.

Dr. Ford

As women, who are we to believe that we are respected when the men who’ve openly shown blatant disrespect toward us have all of the power in our politics?

The Improv Project students

Marc Evan Jackson only plays a demon on TV, or so he told me. The man behind the all-knowing judge of all matters in the afterlife is Marc Evan Jackson. Despite his role as the devil in charge Shawn on “The Good Place,” Mr.

Fox & 'Friends'

Trump watches television like Jim Harbaugh might watch old game footage, as a measure of past performance and as a playbook for the next week


While meme-ing Trumpian buzzwords like “nasty woman,” “bad hombre,” “covfefe” and his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” is meant to be an act of reclamation, the execution leaves something to be desired.

Jimmy Kimmel and a guest

Despite the variances for each late-night program — from Jimmy Fallon’s choreographed, trepid shots at Trump to Seth Meyers’ more analytical dissection of his ineptitude to Samantha Bee’s outright, overt assault on the Trump administration — when you distill it down, everyone seems to be saying the same thing.

Graphic tee

In the 2018 fashion scene, what you’re wearing is either conformity or rebellion. Laws of fashion hold us to this standard, but in wake of changes in political climate, tensions in our government are shaping the fashion world as well.

Kanye with a friend

It’s for this reason I consider 2018 more the polarizing year for Kanye West than the year of his downfall.