StarKid members and University alumni Darren Criss and Joey Richter perform a scene from "A Very StarKid Reunion" at the Power Center on Thursday, Oct. 8.

My Wednesday last week offered no evidence that it would be anything but normal — that was, until I found myself opening an e-mail from one of the original StarKids, Brian Holden, a 2008 Music, Theatre & Dance alum, inviting me to come to their rehearsal to interview the group.


“There’s so many issues and after effects from the Jim Crow era, there’s a lot of lessons to be told in "Rosenwald" about what we need to do,” Kempner said.

Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios holds up his trophy after winning first place in Smash 4 at the Big House 5 tournament in Dearborn, Sunday.

To call The Big House noteworthy in the Smash scene would be a huge understatement.

Time seems to have compounded into itself.


“I want people to hear this song. I want people to hear my music. I’m very determined.”

Here’s the 21 Day Fix in a nutshell: three weeks of daily, half-­hour workout tapes and seven color­-coded food containers.


Alex G’s performance reflects what he has perfected: expansive guitars and angsty lyrics to satisfy the smoky basements in the back of all of our minds.


“(Music) is definitely a lifetime commitment, for sure. It’s very rewarding and very risky. But I’m so glad that I took this career path, it’s been so amazing.”

Three Arts writers in various states of mind decided to put the urban legend to the test.


As the good-looking group is sprinting to safety at the end, one can’t help but think of the typicality of it all.