Cher and Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie has spent his years in pursuit of the costume, stitching together an endless sea of paillettes and Marabous, creating marvelous and fleeting moments that live on in history through photographs.

Lindsey Leyland of The Getup Vintage, posing among her wares

There’s nothing quite like Halloween on a college campus. In most people’s minds, Halloween is one day, Oct. 31, where all the ghouls and black cats come out to play. But in a college town, the spirit of the season goes on for weeks, if not all year round.

Chas Tenenbaum

When the Richie-and-Margot-for-a-night pair get home, they post a picture of their fits on Etsy and get added to a government database somewhere of all the people to call if our alien invaders’ one weakness is the inability to see humans dressed as quirky characters from early-aughts indie movies.

Hunter Schafer as Jules in 'Euphoria'

HBO’s new teen drama, “Euphoria,” dominated social media in the summer of 2019 and influenced teenagers across the nation to experiment with glittery eyeshadow and rhinestone eyelashes.


He’s right: If you look the part, you’re most likely going to perform better, which will lead to improvements in all areas of life. That is, in everything but metal.

A past SMTD production of 'Macbeth'

It’s Halloween, and that means I have to find a costume. It’s not that I don’t have any ideas — I have plenty. There’s always Mulan, I’ve wanted to be a piece of sushi since freshman year and, quite honestly, Waldo doesn’t seem too bad right about now.

Ben Vassar

A breakdown of all the different costumes on campus this Halloweek.

Animal Collective

In 2018, indie weirdos Animal Collective decided to collaborate with art-science duo Coral Morphologic in order to celebrate the International Year of the Reef, an initiative to protect coral reefs across the globe.

Laura Dern in 'Big Little Lies'

The climate is changing — and? Even with all of the recycling, veganism and plastic bans in the world, nothing will truly be done about climate change until the government and corporations change the way they fundamentally run.

The 'South Park' episode in question

In a total flip of opinion from “South Park,” the climate change denier is depicted as more smug and self-absorbed than Al Gore was twelve years earlier.