Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios holds up his trophy after winning first place in Smash 4 at the Big House 5 tournament in Dearborn, Sunday.

To call The Big House noteworthy in the Smash scene would be a huge understatement.

Time seems to have compounded into itself.


“I want people to hear this song. I want people to hear my music. I’m very determined.”

Here’s the 21 Day Fix in a nutshell: three weeks of daily, half-­hour workout tapes and seven color­-coded food containers.


Alex G’s performance reflects what he has perfected: expansive guitars and angsty lyrics to satisfy the smoky basements in the back of all of our minds.


“(Music) is definitely a lifetime commitment, for sure. It’s very rewarding and very risky. But I’m so glad that I took this career path, it’s been so amazing.”

Three Arts writers in various states of mind decided to put the urban legend to the test.


As the good-looking group is sprinting to safety at the end, one can’t help but think of the typicality of it all.


“I think the mission is just to spread the Gospel of God but also just the love of Gospel music, so you don’t even have to be religious or attached to a certain faith to enjoy Gospel music."

Bella Dahl fringe moto jacket, Bivouac.

Where is the fashion in Ann Arbor?