I love you

           dearly (mostbelovedbeverage)

              —you and your drug induced

clarity of thought, sumptuous flavor and

        pretentious nutty


You know that feeling of excitement you get when the month of September strikes, and Pumpkin Spice everything finally comes out, and all you can do is sigh in sweet relief because that beautiful nectar of the gods is about to touch your lips?

While many people indulge in recurring recreational activities of a relatively niche nature, Foster has one that is rarer than most. He is a coffee roaster, a connoisseur of sorts who took his love a step further into the act of creation.

Three Daily Arts writers love George Lopez and hate the movie 'Valentine's Day.'

All kinds of people, and the romances that follow them, make their way into this small storefront with its cheerful window displays and warm atmosphere.


Monogamy has been the set standard of relationships for quite a while. But even though monogamy is perceived as “normal” by societal means, it really isn’t.

You will attract all the “feels.” Sadness, loneliness, confusion, happiness, relief and maybe even regret, but let me say this — it gets better.


“Avoiding Boys” is a dance-around-in-your-underwear track.


Collins wants to inspire these kids. He wants to push them out of their comfort zones, and to change their lives for the better, even though he’s terrified of ruining one.

The food magazine Spoon University currently has over 100 chapters at colleges and universities across the country and has even begun to expand internationally