Last Friday, The Michigan Daily extended its touch-football winning streak against the State News to 11 games. Three Arts writers in various states of mind were on the sidelines to cover the game.


In the larger historical, economic and social framework of struggling communities like Brightmoor and Woodbridge, the Seven Mile Music program can appear hopeful but small.

Unrequited love is a tough struggle to be engaged in, one that’s been eating away at hearts since the 6th century BCE.

Exhibition of Detroit artist Tyree Guyton's work at UMMA, Wednesday.

"The Heidelberg Project is always changing and you can’t really do a timeline the way that you can do in a typical art exhibition where you can start with the artist’s early work and you know the end. You can’t really do that with this because it doesn’t — somehow it misses the point to do that."

Multi-tasking becomes a whole new monster, as you recite your elevator pitch to yourself while running up the Arb hill and “tailgate” on your way to the law library on football Saturdays.

When I first found out Maws had graduated from the University, I was surprised to say the least.

Snowday Production director and co-founder Chris Duncan films a bonfire scene.

Transitioning from making films as part of a club within the college experience to making them as a full time job hasn’t been much of a change for the group.

StarKid members and University alumni Darren Criss and Joey Richter perform a scene from "A Very StarKid Reunion" at the Power Center on Thursday, Oct. 8.

My Wednesday last week offered no evidence that it would be anything but normal — that was, until I found myself opening an e-mail from one of the original StarKids, Brian Holden, a 2008 Music, Theatre & Dance alum, inviting me to come to their rehearsal to interview the group.


“There’s so many issues and after effects from the Jim Crow era, there’s a lot of lessons to be told in "Rosenwald" about what we need to do,” Kempner said.

Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios holds up his trophy after winning first place in Smash 4 at the Big House 5 tournament in Dearborn, Sunday.

To call The Big House noteworthy in the Smash scene would be a huge understatement.