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A list of some must-see venues in and around Ann Arbor.


The Daily Community Culture writers put together a list of their favorite events from the year.


I dove head first into veganism when I came to the University my freshman year. There were no vegetarian training wheels to ease me into a major lifestyle transition of no animal products whatsoever.


The sweet tooth: Society’s colloquial term to describe our sudden craving for sweets. Yet, the term almost comes with a hint of shame, as the sweet tooth tends to hit us hardest when we’re feeling a little stressed, a little down or maybe even just a little bored.

Spencer Ann Arbor

Sometimes, when we step away from our conventional wisdoms about the way something must work, we are able to realize true beauty lies not in the intricate but the familiar. Start by going back to your roots and exploring the implausible ways the simple can be rendered magnificent.

Weird Al

Just as Weird Al’s songs themselves offer funny perspectives on food, the kicker is really their accompanying videos, some of which have been ingrained in pop culture to the same extent as their base materia

Great British Baking Show

In accepting “The Great British Baking Show” for what it’s worth — its innocence, its purity, its all together feel-good nature that felt like even when someone was sent home, it wasn’t truly the end for them — I didn’t realize that you can’t expect to predict the ending of a show whose premise you don’t understand.

Toro y Moi

I write this having just signed my lease for the next school year, petrified at the prospect of having to cook for myself EVERY DAY. Call it lazy, characteristic of the weird millennial-Gen Z hybrid I am — I don’t care, I am the leftover queen!


Each ingredient is a story, each step an assurance, all coming together to craft one damn good cookie.