Holy smokes, if you put all your energy in it you can sweat bullets doing these.

The hotel was even hosting a bar mitzvah just begging to be crashed. Seeing as approximately half my food intake had probably knocked me down a few years, I felt juvenile and ready to jump up and down on the dance floor. I didn’t, solely out of mother’s disdain.

Hervert wants Tmaz to be an educational experience. In the United States, where more salsa is sold than ketchup, and where Chipotle is becoming more popular than McDonalds, many Americans still have no idea that what we think of as “Mexican” food is really Tex-Mex.

Melissa Coppola from the band JUNGLEFLOW performs as Bjork at the 7th Annual Halloween Band Masquerade at the Blind Pig on Friday.

This is, after all, the Blind Pig’s Halloween Band Masquerade — an event built on the power of the costume. And all great concerts bring salvation.

LSA sophomore Annie Cohen performing as Barbara Streisand at the Red Eye Theater, a show created and performed by RC students in 24 hours.

For Red Eye, the group of students writes, practices, produces and performs two one-act plays, all in a 24-hour period. The long-standing tradition has a well-developed format.

“Scream” is an aggressive conglomeration of sound.


Together, the Class of 2016 and Bieber, have drank too much and, subsequently, made some fairly wretched decisions. They were never life altering, but for both parties, they came pretty close.

Kinesiology Junior Mitchell Tuttle looks for a costume at Ragstock, Wednesday.

It’s finally Halloween, what some would call the favorite holiday among college students, especially here at the University.

Entrance of the Terrified Forest, a haunted 30 acre experience, in Pinckney, Sunday.

I was eager to snag the opportunity to write about walking through a haunted forest, but it took until the day of our trip to the Terrorfied Forest for my rational mind to kick into action and my feet to turn cold.


“I have to write every single day, even if it’s just on a notepad, not a full song,” Ryan said as she strums on her ukulele. “I’ve got to keep my muscle memory going. I consider that part of the process because you have a creative muscle and you’ve got to exercise it every day.”