The April Fool’s B-Side

Enraged by the ‘disrespect and dismissal’ of the Ann Arbor Police Department, DPSS and Neighborhood Watch, The Black Sandal took to the streets with their rage, painting pink circle-As all over Ann Arbor.


I started to feel a bit queasy by the third track, “Gotta Be Somebody.” But I’m sure that was just the norovirus setting in from the dining hall food I’d consumed a few hours before.

Meghan Trainor

Set in an urban basement playground, Trainor’s club vibes are lost in the emptiness.

“I would describe us as a mix between Jason Mraz and blink-182, because I think we can get sort of punk-ish sometimes,” pianist Nick Blad said. “But we’re still chill and indie.”

The Michigan Theater

Even if organ music never does make a significant resurgence, it still holds real value to the Michigan Theater organists.

Encounters at a bar are based on having very little in common besides what’s assumed by venue choice.

In one big room, students practice the guitar in one-on-one sessions with Seven Mile Music's student instructors on February 19, 2016.

Sam Saunders professed his belief in the positive social health effects of music, particularly emphasizing the impact it could have on children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Nay, I need a great song to fill the void. After all, what else can? Love, some say? But what the hell is that?

On the surface, there’s really nothing relatable about a musical. People rarely just break out into song and dance about something they’re thinking or talking about. It’s not realistic. Yet so many musicals have gained our support.


After being blighted with its fair share of misfortune, the grand stories and characters associated with Detroit’s glory are slowly dwindling: we mustn't forget Hudson's.