It always takes audacity to invite the lyrical king of rap onto your track.


Spencer, a wine and cheese bar/restaurant, has recently taken root in Ann Arbor with a focus on serving a menu that constantly changes with the seasons.


The Daily dives into millennial lingo.

Holly Hughes

“We were all feminists who were kicked out of other feminist groups for having the wrong haircut.”

“I wanted it to feel like you were walking into Narnia.”


Good ol’ Kanye.


The rapper never fails to deliver a stunning performance, and the performance on Fallon is no exception.


There’s awesome food, and it doesn’t shut down half the streets in downtown like Art Fair.

The menu, too, takes the French bistro concept — the local eatery with simple, wholesome meals — and modernizes it, citing culinary inspiration from all over the world.

When I’m looking to put my patriotism and faith in American individualism to the test, there’s only one way to eat: alone.