When I’m looking to put my patriotism and faith in American individualism to the test, there’s only one way to eat: alone.

Whether you judge the show as a comedy or drama, 2015 saw “Jane the Virgin” at the top of its field.

Meticulously choreographed and designed, MUSKET once again graced us with an adaptation of a Tony Award winning musical that broke every boundary, changed the meaning of taboo and left nothing to the imagination.

Was there a more purely joyful moment this year than when the inmates of Litchfield briefly escaped from prison and spent the day at a nearby beach?

“Inside Out” shows that Pixar’s ability to create the funniest, most affecting movies of the year won’t be ending anytime soon.

Drake taught us to pair turtlenecks with sweatpants and reminded everyone in 2015 to dance like no one was watching.

It's something that we all need to remember, whether we're facing a mountain of racial issues or you're just worried about that upcoming test: we gon' be alright.

To Pimp A Butterfly became one of the best pieces of art released in 2015 because each separate component melts into the other, creating this message that helps us grow inside of our own individual cocoon.

We often imagine love at first sight in more grandiose settings, like walking along the Seine, riding a wave in Waikiki, or on the steps of a grand museum.

Ann Arbor local Connor Kessler looking at the Star Wars books on display at Vault of Midnight.

“Star Wars” hasn’t just endured — it has thrived. With the upcoming release date of “The Force Awakens” comes numerous pieces of additional merchandise — comics, books, toys and any number of future collectibles.