“You gotta be stealthy, like a jackal.”


The meals my father made contained a sense of love and familial attachment, expressed through his labor and culinary ingenuity.

This past school year, I have found a new hobby: curing meats.


Frankie Cosmos’s Next Thing is an indie-rock album that gets so personal and deep you feel like you personally know the band. You can hear every piece of the members in the music.


Sometimes it’s okay for kind of shitty song to be amazing in that it captures a moment, a time in your life.


You know, just general feelin’ yourself vibes.

The Arb

Ann Arbor may be called “Tree Town” by locals, but for many students, it might as well be “Sidewalk Town.” Maybe even “Diag Town.” If you aren’t searching for a park, your stroll with a significant other may lead to more buildings — which isn’t a bad thing, of course.


Every time I’ve walked up to Angelo’s, there’s been a line out the door. However, the restaurant keeps things moving and once you’re in, you see why people are willing to stay.

Nestled on the corner of E. Washington and Main St., Literati is a quaint bookstore that is definitely one of Ann Arbor’s not-so-hidden gems. Wandering through the store is every book lover’s dream.

Mani Osteria

As you walk into the sleek, modern restaurant space at Mani, the heat from the wood-fired oven slowly radiates out, and you know you’ve found good pizza. This isn’t the kind of pizza you order at two in the morning with a side of cinnamon stix, destined to accompany a late night Netflix binge.