Kerrytown BookFest

Last Sunday, the 14th annual Kerrytown BookFest brought together all aspects of the novel experience — author, reader, publisher and more.

Party in the AA

At most parties, you can either feel lost or lose yourself.

Depending on the atmosphere and location, a party — more specifically, a college party — is the space for young people to dance, talk, drink, smoke, laugh, make out and interact with strangers and friends.

Like running or writing is for some, cooking is a passion and an extension of who I am that fits into my life no matter the circumstances.

Three Daily Arts writers dive into the existential abyss of a Guy Fieri show.

Columbia Pictures

The concept, an autobiographical and analytical book about one author’s experience with “The Body” and the change in said experience over time, was immediately gripping.

Best of Ann Arbor 2016

The Michigan Daily’s annual reveal of all the top places to be in Treetown.

Best of Ann Arbor 2016

All the winners and runners-up for BOAA 2016

Did you know that when they did location scouting for the Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies that they looked at and deeply considered the University of Michigan’s Law Library? If yes, now I know why you go. And if not, are you surprised?

Frita Batidos

Despite the requisite college town fixtures of countless pizza joints, Mexican dives and crowded coffee houses, Ann Arbor kind of failed us with the burger options. Blimpy? Too greasy. BurgerFi? Fries, nothing else. Quickie? Not sober. Five Guys? Closed.

Shelly Schreier

Professor Shelly Schreier is undoubtedly deserving of the “Best of Ann Arbor” award. Actually, I’m also absolutely certain that if there were an award for “Best Professor on God’s Green Earth,” she would win that one too.