If you are looking for the newest foodie adventure in Ann Arbor, head over to Maynard and discover all that HopCat has to offer. It may look like a hole in the wall from the outside, but the spacious and funky interior is an experience all of its own.

Little unites the studious and stressed freshman jotting down Organic Chemistry notes on the 4th floor of the UGLi on a Thursday night and the hungry, drunk second semester senior roaming South University at the same moment.

Many towns claim to have the best Chinese food, but what really makes a Chinese restaurant superb? Is it low prices, quality food, convenience? Ann Arbor can accurately tell residents and University of Michigan students alike that we have two locations where the best Chinese food can be found.


Last year’s winner for Best Mexican Food, Isalita, is making its second appearance on The Michigan’s Daily’s Best of Ann Arbor list of winners.


Sava’s — the wonderful culinary hotspot on South State Street — is a great place to wine and dine, not just because of its relaxing atmosphere and modern vibe, but also for its delectable food. Though I have only eaten at Sava’s twice, I was quite satisfied both times.


The best new business of Ann Arbor this year goes to Shinola. Being a girl that lives right outside Detroit, I’ve visited the flagship store a fair amount of times.

No Thai!

It’s not just any Thai, it’s No Thai! No Thai! came to us in 2005 from a group of four friends who wanted to bring modern Thai food to the community. One member of the group, Noerung Hang, became the head chef and thus the name No Thai! was born.

The Lunch Room

The first thing you’ll notice when walking into The Lunch Room is probably the giant case of desserts. From bundt cake to cupcakes to cookies and cookie sandwiches, from ice cream to root beer floats, The Lunch Room does sweets right.

The April Fool’s B-Side

Rachel, Sarah, Ali, Emma and Apple-North Moses get into a cat fight over the same frat guy within the first 10 minutes of the pilot episode alone.

If YG making a diss track about (serious) presidential candidate Donald Trump is wrong, I don’t want to be right.