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Essentially, Boccaccio’s response to such death and destruction was to live. To enjoy life while it’s possible to and pursue happiness and fulfillment without holding back.

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Travel is my method of fleeing from this era for a week or two, a way of living in another time while not really being there at all. It’s fleeting, but it’s eye-opening.

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In the past, artists could hide behind the shield of a stage-name, a wig or an eye-catching outfit. However, in the digital age it is becoming more and more difficult for anyone –– celebrity or regular Joe –– to maintain privacy.


“Roma” is verbally a nostalgia piece (Cuarón told IndieWire that “90 percent of the scenes” came straight from his memory). The filmmaker leans on what he knows and what he can recall, bringing the events of his childhood to life in crisp, clean, digitally captured black and white.


With every record I felt heavy in my hands as I put it on the turntable, I could feel the weight of my father’s love for each song, entangled with my own so many years down the line.

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And though the era cannot be so easily replicated, it can certainly teach us all something. These Ann Arbor street corners have thousands of stories to tell — we should be listening.

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My grandfather has always loved music with all his heart. I imagine that just like me he would have been content to never let his feet leave the dance floor.

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You’re forming memories in this moment and you don’t even know it.

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I’ve spent an embarrassingly long time looking at websites that ranked the best college libraries. The Michigan Law Library appeared every time, and I added an asterisk beside the University to signal its edge.

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Nostalgia as a raw emotion is something powerful, but when crafted into a story and weaved throughout other feelings, it becomes a tool for connection and understanding. Instead of simply being a means of entertainment, it becomes a piece of art.