We came into our own in a world where truly anything is possible, and we’ve taken that to heart.


Families like Anonymous and I’s have love at its core, just as other families do. Love that has always existed and will continue to exist, regardless of what any law could ever say.


But some shows are more successful at this than others, and some theme songs will crumble from the public’s mind while others will be associated with their series forever.


The tormented female protagonist has existed almost as long as horror has, with ‘Scream Queens’ like Ann Darrow in 1933’s “King Kong” shrieking their way through the plot, a stereotype that transformed into the ‘Final Girl’ through the decades.


While there’s no cut-and-dry definition of the best film of the decade, some measures are better than others. For me, a decade-defining movie must be more than technically, critically or commercially successful.

Cher and Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie has spent his years in pursuit of the costume, stitching together an endless sea of paillettes and Marabous, creating marvelous and fleeting moments that live on in history through photographs.

Lindsey Leyland of The Getup Vintage, posing among her wares

There’s nothing quite like Halloween on a college campus. In most people’s minds, Halloween is one day, Oct. 31, where all the ghouls and black cats come out to play. But in a college town, the spirit of the season goes on for weeks, if not all year round.

Chas Tenenbaum

When the Richie-and-Margot-for-a-night pair get home, they post a picture of their fits on Etsy and get added to a government database somewhere of all the people to call if our alien invaders’ one weakness is the inability to see humans dressed as quirky characters from early-aughts indie movies.

Hunter Schafer as Jules in 'Euphoria'

HBO’s new teen drama, “Euphoria,” dominated social media in the summer of 2019 and influenced teenagers across the nation to experiment with glittery eyeshadow and rhinestone eyelashes.


He’s right: If you look the part, you’re most likely going to perform better, which will lead to improvements in all areas of life. That is, in everything but metal.