It’s avant-garde digital comedy at its most bizarre.


I was doomed before we even finished the video.

Three Daily Arts writers face existential crises while watching “The Graduate.”


The music video makes a definitive statement about the issue of domestic violence.

Not only do we need to be conscious of the institutional sexism that is constantly working against female candidates; we need to think about what isn’t being said about the male ones.


“Saturday Night Live” is like your cool old grandpa: sometimes cringe-worthy, but ultimately still kicking and keeping up with the kids.


Let’s talk about Gwen Stefani — because everyone should be.

Mighty Good Coffee

Along with fostering national and international relationships within the coffee community, the café maintains a focus on local involvement.


        I love you

           dearly (mostbelovedbeverage)

              —you and your drug induced

clarity of thought, sumptuous flavor and

        pretentious nutty


You know that feeling of excitement you get when the month of September strikes, and Pumpkin Spice everything finally comes out, and all you can do is sigh in sweet relief because that beautiful nectar of the gods is about to touch your lips?