With the rise of the internet, it’s not surprising that most students get their IDs from an online retailer. These sites, though, tend to rely on a business-minded student that act as middle-men, campus ID ambassadors if you will. These students are the key to the market — they gather the customers, their details and, just like a true artist, aren’t always proud of their final product.


Take a look at what happens when the artificial laughter is removed from an episode. Without cues on what is and isn’t supposed to be a joke, all that’s left is an awkward and unsettling dialogue that feels as pitiful as looking into the living room window of a bachelor pad in Fort Wayne.

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The slow, incremental crawl of development from downtown seems incredibly distant from the urban farms, vacant lots and boarded up homes that now comprise Detroit’s former working-class and middle-class neighborhoods.

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The Italian Renaissance was the birth of Western art as it is known today.

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Maybe there’s no time better than now to grow into myself.

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Just as the printing press allowed for the Renaissance in Europe, the Internet has allowed for a revitalization of graphic design throughout the world.


When fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered outside of his luxurious mansion in Miami Beach, Florida, the devastated fashion world assumed the iconic brand was dead.

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This renaissance of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” in film has helped the play maintain relevance and adapt to changing technology. The classic tale is, and will forever remain, a pillar in romantic movies for years to come.

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As I laid in the hammock with my book and ukulele, my little blue cabin harbored me from the only constant in my life: change.


The renaissance of television has experienced a renaissance within itself — one of representation. Though media representation is nowhere near matched to the population of the United States, it is on the rise, from primetime comedies to Disney Channel originals.