Trina Pal

To know that it’s just you and that beckoning expanse above, if only for a moment, is the best form of therapy.

Chris Pine in “Star Trek: Beyond”

“Star Trek” is inextricable from the way it felt to be fourteen and think the future could contain absolutely anything.

Pluto (planet)

In hindsight, I think our little second grade hearts were broken because we truly did love Pluto. It was every student’s favorite planet — the underdog, the little guy.


My sophomore summer is only three weeks away now. I’ll be here, in Ann Arbor, and some close friends of mine will be staying too. I think about summer festivals and concerts, upcoming movies, restaurants I haven’t tried, the double-hammock in my closet, video games, all the things I want to go and see and watch and do with friends that are dear to me. Love for them wells in my heart. I fall in love in a different way.


Within three, there’s a productive friction that leads to great works of art and science — the same friction produces tension and hard feelings in relationships.

Fueled By Ramen

3OH!3 was the perfect encapsulation of an era defined by popped collars, Warped Tour, “Jersey Shore” and questionable hairstyles. Listening to them was like eating birthday cake hungover for breakfast: Sweetly spontaneous in the moment, but really disgusting in retrospect.

Illustration from “The Horse and His Boy”

I can’t rewrite my past, rip it out like a page of a notebook or chuck its Word document in a digital trash bin. I sure as hell can write my future, and until I figure out exactly what I want it to be, I’ll keep reading to find out.


The three-act structure is the only structure, and it is beautiful. Internalize that and you will never be disappointed in the arc of anything ever again.

Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh had nearly reached the top of the fashion Mount Olympus, the only thing left to bring him up was his appointment as creative director of Louis Vuitton. The announcement of Kim Jones’s replacement broke the internet, and nearly every celebrity ran to Instagram to congratulate him.


Of all the base human instincts which motivate daily lives, the human capacity to gossip is both fascinating and impressive.