"Sorry to Bother You"

The absurdism of “Sorry to Bother You” is a matter of form following function.


A movement of avant-garde art in the early 20th century, Dadaism and its precursors of anti-art sought to challenge what was considered art.

Lonely Island

So why does a correlation exist between popular absurdist humor on the internet and bro-culture? Is there a female-centric equivalent to the man-child act?

Eric Andre

Eric Andre’s work is the most successful form of absurdism in the internet and pop culture age.


Why does the soft glow of neon make you feel wistful? What about a crackling record or a Coca-Cola jingle evokes such strong feelings when placed in the right context? Why can a computer glitch feel gut-wrenching?

Renee Magritte / Wikimedia Commons

You and the author share a common bond: Questions remain unanswered.

Troye Sivan

For now, YouTube music is just another way the platform has evolved to assimilate new versions of media.

Nic Novicki

The presenting theme of the arts in 2018 is by and large inclusion.

Lil Peep

The realities of mental illness and disabling addiction are a consistent presence in emo rap, and that has opened a door for further development of the genre.

Ezra reads to children

Regardless of what Fields-Meyer is doing — whether creating animated videos, reading to children or making other artwork — he maintains a positive outlook on his life and disability.